8th Prague International Health Summit

Management of Chronic Diseases – Main Challenge for Today‘s Health Systems

May 19-21, 2016 Prague, Czech Republic

Chronic diseases have become main health threat in developed countries during the last century. Their occurrence and importance are still growing. Unlike in past, we have finally started to learn how to fight chronic diseases effectively. The time to make a change is now!
Pavel Hroboň | Executive Partner | Advance Healthcare Management Institute
Healthcare professionals, economists as well as policy makers agree on coordination and integration of provided care, introduction of new payment mechanisms, and increased use of prevention and health promotion. Let’s meet and learn about practical examples from Central and Western Europe as well as the USA and other countries. It will help you to respond to main trends of 21st century in time.
Jim Rice | Managing Director & Practice Leader | Gallagher Integrated

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  •  John Combes

    Senior Vice President of American Hospital Association (AHA)


  • young Baroness Barbara Young

    Former Chief Executive of Diabetes UK

    United kingdom

  •  Karen Tomes

    Vice President Care Management & Coordination at Allina Health


  • koehler Friedrich Köhler

    Head of the Centre for Cardiovascular Telemedicine in Charité


  • kultan Martin Kultan

    Chief Executive Officer of Dôvera zdravotná poisťovňa


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  1. Impact of chronic diseases
  2. Overview of examples of integrated care and disease management programs
  3. Enabling integrated care – technology, contracts & payments
  4. Engaging the patients
  5. Competencies of institutions and managers of the future
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